Safety leaders – Let’s start a safety revolution


Are people getting hurt in your business? Are you legally responsible for the safety of these people? Have you created the management system, identified and manage risks, developed key procedures and trained everyone……and your people still get hurt? I know how you feel.

Not happy with the explanations from safety professional, I decided to go on a search. A 4 year search it turns out.

Working with and talking to over a thousand of frontline workers and supervisors, reviewing and investigating over 100 incidents in manufacturing, construction and transport. I even interviewed some of the leading safety practitioners in industry.

But it was worth it. I now know why people getting hurt. And it’s simpler than you think or all of these management systems try to make it.

So, armed with this discovery I want to start a revolution. I want to revolutionise how we go about safety in industry, on the roads and at home. An approach to being safe that is not suffocated by paperwork. It recognises why we do what we do. Not simplify the complexity if the human condition. Rather, an approach which acknowledges the human condition.  Leveraging our knowledge to create powerful, robust and extraordinary safety results everywhere, all of the time!

Interested? then stay with me for a while. I promise a stimulating, thought-provoking, solutions driven journey…….lets start a safety revolution!



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