What is the one thing you should say to the workforce?

A friend asked me, if you could say one thing to the workforce as they walked through the gate what would you say? Hmmmmmm what a great question. What came to mind quickly is what I wouldn’t say. Stay safe or be safe. To me these are end points and don’t help. Follow the rules or procedures? That might be a good one but that tends to be workplace focused and I want to provide tools and skills that work everywhere.

I guess I would tell people to do an action. An action that would keep them away from a hazard. An action that would lead to a new habit after repetition. Maybe something like look for hazards. But telling someone to do something isn’t as powerful as asking a question or a call to action.

So i think if I was standing at the gate, greeting people as the started for the day I would say “Morning, do you have eyes on the path and mind on the job today?”.

I will try it and see what happens and let you know.

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