Merry Christmas – pay attention when you drive this holiday season

As I write this I see the national Christmas road toll stands at 3. I am always saddened by the number of people that die over the Christmas break, here in Australia and around the world.

At work we talk about the most dangerous activity each persons will do that day and based on actual incidents, it is without doubt the drive to the workplace and back. More people die on the roads than at workplaces these days. Why? What are we doing at work that we aren’t doing when we drive?

Well in 2015, I want to do something about the road toll. I want to explore what the universal law of personal safety can do for the driver of a vehicle. Not everyone is speeding or drunk when they have an accident. The hazards are there and we need to use the hierarchy of control where we can but what are we doing help drivers. What skills are we training them in and what happens after people get their license. What behaviours do they practice which then become habits. I will explore this field.

So please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment and let’s see if we can start a revolution with road safety. Use the great stuff we learn in the workplace to reduce the devastation road trauma causes to families this and every Christmas.

Have a safe Christmas. Drive with eyes on the path and mind on the job.

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