Safety in 2015 – Learn “how we think”

Many of us make a New Year’s Eve resolution about learning something new. If you have anything to doc with safety at work, can I suggest in 2015 your new years resolution is learning about “how we think”. The universal law of personal safety tells us their are two sides of the person safety equation. The hazard and the person. Do something new in the new year by investing time and effort working with the person.

Working with the person means we need to understand “how we think”. The decisions we make, or don’t make it seems, are the precursor to the actions we take that put us in harms way or not. Understanding “how we think” and then the actions we take, enables us to create effective programs to keep people safe.

So in 2015, learn something new. Read what neuroscience it telling us about how we think or what behavioural economics has learned about human decision making. I have a handy list of what to read on the resources page. It will revolutionise your thinking about how we can build safety programs to keep people safe in our organisations.

All the best for 2015.

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