Safety Leadership – A framework for everyone in your organisation

I am writing a book about safety leadership. It is not your typical safety leadership where you say stuff like “safety is our number priority” or “our safety goal is zero harm”. These motherhood statements have been around for ever and no-one really takes much notice of them.

Instead I am writing about what it means to be a safety leader and how to be one. I present the case for the “why” but ultimately it is all about what you do. No more motherhood statements. Real, everyday actions you can do.

As nothing in the universe is truly original I have adapted the tried and tested systems used by thousands around the globe. I was first exposed to this when I worked for Shell. In my mind, it was without doubt the most comprehensive and effective approach to leadership I have seen. I have focussed it for Safety as there are differences.

At its heart there are 7 elements with 3 levels. First level is the natural leader in the group that doesn’t have an organisational hierarchy. We can all be this first level. The second level and third levels align with the organisational hierarchy with the second level being front or first line supervision and the third is grouped as management.

The 7 elements are:

Build a Safety vision – The why, the purpose, the what we do and what’s the endgame.

Champion Safety Focus – Having safety front of mind until it becomes habitual.

Professional Safety Mastery – Deeply understand how people get hurt and the tools and techniques to prevent.

Demonstrate Courage in Safety – Challenging the status quo, helping others change and facing fears.

Delivering results in Safety – Do what you say you are going to do. People follow those that get results.

Motivate, coach and develop Safety people – Empower and helping others to be safety leaders.

Bringing it all together – Injecting life into Safety.

Over the coming weeks I will expand on each element of the framework,  what it is, why it is important and the activities you can do to progress your journey as a safety leader no matter where you are in the organisation. I hope you enjoy.

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