Safety Leadership – Building a shared vision

One of the key roles of leaders is vision. The long term goals for the organisation and safety is no different. Many of us won’t be in the position to create this vision however all of us are in the position to make the vision come to life.

This element of the safety leadership framework will involve you building a picture for others that is meaningful. A picture they can relate to and find relevant. Translating the vision into what it means to you and more importantly what actions you can take now.

A good vision makes engaging others easy. It provides clarity in what to do and when. It motivates others to achieve and drives your safety program.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Discuss the organisations safety vision at your next team meeting. What does it mean to everyone? How does it shape what we do?
  • Can you picture in your mind what the future looks like from the vision and how to get there?
  • Look external to your team or organisation. Do you know anyone that is involved with a group that has a very clear safety vision and what do they do to achieve it?
  • Check your understanding of the vision with your bosses. Seek their understanding and how it helps them to build a safer future for the organisation

Ultimately, this element is all about the future. Based on the vision as you understand it, ask yourself, what does the organisation look like in 5 years time. Is this a future that you would like to be part of and what can you do now to get the balling rolling?


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