Safety Leadership – Professional Safety Mastery

This is the third element of the Safety Leadership Framework. It focuses on a clear depth of expertise and experience supported by clear accountability. Continuous learning and innovation is a pillar of this element as well as a robust sense of reality in the operating environment.

The safety leader needs to be able to respond to changing conditions with a sound understanding of the current tools, techniques and processes but also be looking for what is working and more importantly what is not. A keen interest and curiosity about what yours and other teams are doing is important.

Self awareness and personal development play a large role in this element. Getting from where you are to an effective safety leader can be a short or long journey. Understanding the learning methods that work best for you is also necessary. Reflect on when you learned something new and what were your motivations? Safety leaders take this stuff on because they see a future state and want to drive to make it a reality.

A safety leader can also recognise when they don’t have the technical expertise or capabilities necessary and seeks out and identifies those that do. Acknowledging your strengths and weakness is critical and filling the gaps with others is positive attribute. Be sure though you actually have filled the gap with real expertise and experience.

Building effective safety networks is another key pillar to Mastery as you can’t always do it by yourself. Consider the networks and contacts you have. Are you connected with any professional or industry associations? Seek them out using the internet. Linkedn also has groups that you may find valuable.

So developing professional safety mastery is up to you. Either you can dive in and develop yourself through a learning program or surround yourself with great people. Both will require building effective networks and seeking out best practice which may not come from where you expect it. Always be on the look out for that breakthrough performance.

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