Safety Leadership – Demonstrating courage in safety

This element is as much about facing your fears and the all too often cynical views of the team, as much as it is about accepting personal accountability to drive continuous improvement through influencing, challenging the status quo, overcoming hurdles and resolving conflicts.

The essence of this element is change as a necessary process and the need for leaders to take risks and to learn from the outcomes. This does not mean to take unnecessary or risks that can kill you. It means to step outside your comfort zone seeking improvement opportunities. Initially this is all about you and your comfort zone. As you develop the emphasis shifts to others and their involvement in change. Getting others on board and helping them challenge themselves and grow.

As an agent of change, the safety leader acts as a champion for others who seek to improve the way things are done. This means creating space and encouraging and supporting others to try new things and different ways of working.

This element requires the most of amount of internal strength to excel at one that most find hardest to do. But like all achievements the hardest ones are the most satisfying.

Ask yourself, where have I been involved in a discussion about a safety issue and I didn’t speak up? How did that feel? What can I do to change that for the next time I get the chance to speak up on a safety issue?

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