Safety Leadership – Motivating coaching and developing

All great leaders, in any field, recognise it is what they can get done through others, that is most important hence this element is crucial.

A safety leader creates environments which maximise peoples motivation and supports learning. They continuously coach both formally and informally. They empower others, attracting and developing talent at every chance.

In this element learning is the key principle and the safety leader encourages a learning culture where individuals admit to and learn from mistakes. They look for, adopt and build on solutions from others.

Specifically this translates into:

As a first level leader (and this includes the natural leader) providing people with feedback on performance, offering ideas on how people can improve what they do and importantly looking to reinforce safe behaviours with praise. Acknowledging peoples strengths and development needs, working with them to improve.

Great senior leaders display all of the above and also champion the people development process. They delegate tasks and responsibility, seeking to provide empowerment and autonomy to others. Because they have access to a bigger picture they assist people by looking for opportunities and avenues to explore new options. They also work to attract great people.

At the highest levels they act as mentors across organisational lines and develop talent pools.

The fundamentals of this element are about admitting and learning from our mistakes. Seeking out opportunities to provide feedback with a 5 to 1 ratio of positive to negative and always reinforcing positive behaviours. Engaging with your team mates to improve the important safety aspects of your job.

ACTION: If you are a manager of people, review your activities over the last month. What time have you devoted to coaching your team. What activities and opportunities have you suggested to people to help with their development?

As a team mate, how have you supported others learning from their or your mistakes?


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