Safety Leadership – Assessing your shared safety vision

Being a firm believer in the old adage “what gets measured gets done”, assessment and feedback is an important attribute of a safety leader – delivering results.  Below are key questions and actions designed to assess the depth and strength of the safety vision in your organisation.

  • If you asked each team member about your safety vision, what would they say? Go and find out.
  • What people say is one thing, what they do can be totally different. Spend time observing what your people are doing in terms of the safety vision. Do you see evidence of the organisation living the vision?
  • Can you or others describe how your organisation will look like in the future? What will your safety vision do for the organisation?
  • What challenges and opportunities will need to be faced to meet the vision? Are they clear and in a plan for everyone to work on? How is feedback being collected, assessed and actioned?
  • How is the safety vision being socialised? Does it appear in peoples routines daily or once a year at the annual meeting?
  • How are you assessing the latest innovations in safety? Our knowledge of “why people do what they do”, is changing. Is your organisation engaging with this knowledge?
  • What are your competitors doing in this field? Are they beating you in safety? Don’t forget, safety performance is a key criteria for all contract reviews major contracts.

What you come up with in your assessment will show where you are in the safety vision journey. Don’t be afraid (safety leadership – demonstrating courage) to feedback your assessment with your leaders. The great leaders will eat it up for breakfast and set to work to fix what needs to be fixed, thanking you in the process. The others will defend, deny or ignore. One can see the opportunity, the other, only a problem. Who is a great leader in your organisation?


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