Safety Leadership – How to help deliver personal commitment

Research shows if you want to make your commitment a reality, socialise the commitment widely, link it to a consequence where you loss something and have someone regularly check.


Check out, a website created by two economists. This website allows you to select your commitment or goal, socialise it and link it to an organisation that you dislike (they call anti-charity). The lovely people at Stickk can check your progress or you can nominate your own. Using Stickk can increase your chance of success by up to x3.

Why does it work? Well behavioural science tells us we are loss-averse, social beings that make decisions in a time-inconsistent manner. In other words, we hate losing things and give into immediate gratification, sacrificing our long-term goals. The good news is incentives (especially negative ones) and accountability works.

So, think of one thing you wish to commit to for safety. Tell someone about that commitment and ask to check up on you every week. If you meet it, positively reinforce, if not, which organisation would you hate to support!

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