Safety Leadership – The number 1 attribute is Growth

We were tossing around ideas for a 30 minute session with a group of Retail Store Managers about Safety Leadership. Only 30 minutes! We could fill the whole day. So if we have 30 minutes then lets prioritise. What is the one thing we want all of these leaders to know about Safety Leadership?

We came up with Growth. Growth is the number 1 thing we want every leader in the room to focus on. Growth of who? Start with self then move to others. From the me to the we. Jack Welch says “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”.

Growth of what? Growth of the skills that make a Safety Leader. Those skills that you develop and help others develop which are part of the framework. Skills to become proficient in:

  • Building a Safety vision – The why, the purpose, the what we do and what’s the endgame.
  • Championing Safety Focus – Having safety front of mind until it becomes habitual.
  • Professional Safety Mastery – Deeply understand how people get hurt and the tools and techniques to prevent.
  • Demonstrating Courage in Safety – Challenging the status quo, helping others change and facing fears.
  • Delivering results in Safety – Do what you say you are going to do. People follow those that get results.
  • Motivating, coaching and developing Safety people – Empower and helping others to be safety leaders.
  • Bringing it all together – Injecting life into Safety. Connect with people and make it fun.

A solid and growing body of research and studies is showing success in any area comes from deliberately practicing desired skills, seeking feedback and making alterations to improve.  Having a growth mindset is critical to success and focusing on growth and positively reinforcing the growth process is the most effective way to success.

So what is our message……growth of course. Develop a growth mindset. What skill do I need to learn and improve. Leadership is a group of skills finely honed, executed with confidence which inspire and motivate people.

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