The safety bulls eye – putting people first

I want to share an interesting discussion that I had recently. It was with a young original thinking engineer about the “bulls eye approach”. Bulls eye approach I thought? WTF?

“Dude, whats the bulls eye approach.” He looked at me and said, “its what Di Bella Coffee do. Putting the most important person (the customer) at the middle of your business and building your organisation around it.” My mind went immediately to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk about leadership and his book “Start with the Why”. Here is the Ted talk…..

Of course put your main focus in the middle and build your supporting organisation around it rather than the typical organogram with the most important person on the top and the least on the bottom (where is the customer again?).

So who does this relate to safety. Well I love frameworks that simplify and help explain. So I sketched this. Put the frontline person in the middle and layered the support around them. Wow…..It struck me how obvious it was and how much we don’t do it!

I shared it with my colleagues and it hit them equally as hard! Lets do it. We didn’t spend much time debating the positives and negatives we just made the change. The next safety presentation we made included our new model with the frontline person in the middle. What a reaction! They all got it and said how it was about time you guys worked out where to focus your energy! From that point onwards we got no resistance at all.

Give it a try. Put your frontline workers, the ones that are exposed to hazards and get hurt by them in the middle of your organisation and build the support around them. You will get new insights into how much support is present and if it is sufficient.

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