Safety Leadership – Building daily routines

Hi everyone. Well all 3 of you. Im back. It is time to make this a daily routine. Something I can succeed at. Step by step. Day by day. Blog by blog.

I want to improve my writing. I’m in my 50’s now and my future is in sharing knowledge and ideas, not selling my effort.

I’ve read a mountain of books on how to write. I could read another mountain’s worth and have only improved my reading skills not my writing prowess. Someone once said continuing to read and research is a form of procrastination.

Everything I’ve read though says the same thing.┬áIf you write poorly and want to get better, then keeping writing until you do! Simple. Like building any skill. Daily routines.

So, I’m committing to a daily blog. Ship something everyday. I expect somedays it will be great and others not so. I do aim to deliver value in some small way everyday. Well thats my aim.

Most of what I will write is about safety, particularly Safety Leadership. I want to change the way we do safety. Connect with people who are thinking about the next generation of Safety. Create a tribe or forward thinkers and doers.

Let me leave with a question: Describe what effective safety leadership is?

Until tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Safety Leadership – Building daily routines”

  1. Great stuff, David – more power to your elbow (or at least, to your fingers). I have enjoyed reading your stuff and look forward to your daily dose – quite a challenge. Your writing is fine by me – as someone who labours for hours over a single paragraph, I find your style very easy to read – and you can’t ask for more than that!
    Keep it going

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