How safety can build leaders in your organisation

How do you create and grow leaders in your business? Ever thought of safety as the vehicle? Lets explore.

Leadership plays an important role in safety. Look at your safest teams. You will find leadership present. And typically with people who haven’t been on the expensive leadership courses but intuitively know and have learned the skills to be a leader.

They understand to be a leader requires two things:

  1. Knowing and understanding why people do what they do, and
  2. They know that for themselves.

Leaders constantly look for the “why” people do what they do and use it to get them to follow. They understand humans have 6 basic needs and the interplay of these needs. They seek out an individual’s preference and purposefully adjust their communication to match. They then look for impact. Making changes to themselves to maximise the impact, where needed. They learn about people and learn about themselves.

This can be taught. Leaders weren’t born leaders. Leaders learned how to be leaders. They have a high level of curiosity about people and have discovered how their own behaviour affects others. They understand how to be impactful and most importantly, what they need to change to affect this. They take ownership for this whole process.

So why use safety to grow leadership? Easy……Safety is an area the entire organisation is involved in, in one way or another. From the board of directors to the cleaner. For many, it is a fundamental tenet in their thinking, if not in their action. And this is where leadership can have the greatest impact and make the biggest difference. In the actions of people being safe. We start at safety and move through the organisation with the same leadership skill.

Invest in safety leadership training. It will provide your biggest returns.

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