Leadership according to Seth Godin

I have just finished Seth Godin’s leadership course on Udemy. The course is very very good. The marketing guru knows exactly what it takes for you and your team to be successful. The principles are universal. I highly recommend the course.

As with all of Seth’s work, it makes you think but more importantly it focuses on the “do”. Go and “do” something with the material you have just learned. Without the “do” it is just knowledge!

So here is my “do”……..Over the next two weeks, I will share my view on how his framework applies to safety leadership.

Seth’s framework:

  • Management is not leadership
  • See the end before you begin the journey
  • Culture defeats everything
  • Selling the Dream
  • Enrolment
  • Don’t forget rule #6
  • Authority vs responsibility
  • Certain failure

Seth also presents what leaders do. These actions are at the heart of what leaders can do, everyday.

  • Start with wonder
  • Notice, observe what is going on
  • Connect with others
  • Understand why
  • Leap – there is no bridge!
  • Challenge – the status quo and what is possible
  • Transform the world around you
  • Contribute

Adopting these actions as habits will increase your probability of success. It sounds simple but it is not easy. In support of this thinking, this is another attempt by me to build a habit of writing and publishing everyday. Simple but not easy!

What habit are you trying to establish?

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